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Melville NY 11747

About Us
Our goal is to provide businesses with the technology and the tools that they need to excel in their marketplace. With the latest in inbound and outbound call services, cloud computing and storage, business tech support, business anti-virus protection and data network communication, businesses are positioned to protect their valuable data, exchange information freely within the company, and harness the latest technologies on the market to bolster their success.

Technology advances on a daily basis, and TechMatrix InfoSolutions ensures your business advances with it.

Your company needs people that understand how to use the latest technology to your advantage. Regardless of your industry, we can accommodate your needs and help your business grow. We will protect, secure, and transform your business allowing it perform optimally. We do this with our cutting edge technology, state-of the art techniques, specialized IT services and dedicated support staff. We want to increase your profits and build a loyal customer base for your business, as well as offer around the clock support for you and your staff.

We are available 24/7. We are always just a phone call or email away.

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Yoda Care offers a variety of computer technical assistance plans to fit any need or budget. We strive to provide the highest quality technical support to our customers. In keeping with our values, we are committed to delivering tailored solutions to consumers and businesses to help resolve technical issues, anti-virus protection for Macs & PC’s, and installation services for a range of devices. With Yoda Care, you will receive customized technical support services that are fast, affordable, and effective. For more information on Yoda Care, Click Here.

Our Services

Computer Repairs & Support

It's easy to use our remote computer troubleshooting and repair services. Our technicians will walk you through steps to repair your Mac, PC, iPad or iPhone. Are you experiencing freezes, crashes, or other problems? We can fix your device, fast! If you are having trouble with a computer-related problem, let Yoda Care diagnose the situation and save you time and trouble.

YodaShield Anti-Virus

Keep your PC or Mac safe from spyware and malware with YodaShield! YodaShield is an award-winning anti-virus solution that protects your computer from common viruses and bugs that can cause data loss, damage, or identity theft.

Select a Support Plan

We’re here for you 24/7, and we’ve got a remote computer support plan to meet your needs. Whether you need one-time service or ongoing support, we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of available plans and pricing starting at just $69.99!

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YodaShield Total protection is a revolutionary “all in one” security suite which has been developed by YodaShield and powered by BitDefender’s award winning PhotonTM technology to protect you from all kinds of internet threats. The software has been designed to perform a sturdy virus scan, virus removal and immunity to protect your devices.

YodaShield offers an advanced protection against viruses & malware and is also equipped with a variety of enhanced features like secure online storage and enhanced parental control which gives you complete peace of mind and the value for your money.

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535 Broadhollow Road, Suite B7
Melville NY 11747
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